Paterson suggests hatred against the blind growing

By James T. Madore © Newsday, New York, ALBANY – Citing ridicule of his blindness by actors and newspapers, Gov. David A. Paterson suggested Saturday there was a growing hatred for the visually impaired based on falsehoods. He said taxpayers wrongly blame the blind for tax increases to fund special education and social services. Speaking to an advocacy group for the blind, he said blind people are good workers but 70 percent are jobless due to discrimination. Warning of “antagonism . . . fomenting in society,” Paterson questioned why there wasn’t more public outcry over portrayals of him as bumping into objects on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” He cited New York Post opinion pieces that said he was too dependent on one aide to read documents and that he should touch buildings at Ground Zero to know what kind of redevelopment was occurring. “A society where that attitude . . . anger . . . vitriolic conduct is excusable when it’s waged on a governor, think of what happens to an individual [looking for a job],” Paterson told the National Federation of the Blind’s NY chapter…. READ ARTICLE

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