Dog Saves Boy From Cougar

On Saturday, January 2, an 11 year old boy named Austin was gathering firewood outside of his home in British Columbia. As the boy continued with his duties, he noticed that his golden retriever, Angel, was acting strangely. She had been darting back and forth between the house and the wood shed the entire time he was outside.

All of a sudden, Austin watched as Angel sprinted towards him. In one fluid movement, she leaped over a lawnmower and intercepted a cougar that had been eyeing him the entire time. Scared for his own safety and for that of his dog, who was now going toe to toe with a vicious cougar under their deck, Austin ran inside and told his mother to call the police.

Upon arriving, the RCMP officer noticed that the cougar had pinned Angel down with its mouth around her neck. Without hesitation, the officer drew his weapon and shot the cougar without harming the dog any further. Once the officer confirmed that the cougar was no longer a threat, Austin’s cousin ran underneath the deck to see if Angel was still alive. Bruised and bleeding, Angel pulled herself to her feet, walked over to a tearful and worried Austin and licked him all over, ensuring that he was fine. Satisfied that she had done her job as protector, she sat next to him and let out a deep breath.

“Austin said he now feels very differently about Angel. “She was my best friend, but now she’s more than a best friend — she’s like my guardian now.” Angel suffered some puncture wounds on her head, neck and one of her hind legs. Austin was not hurt.”

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