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Audio/Video at is a joint effort of Amy and Sheldon Finlay. Amy’s the knitter and Sheldon is the resident geek handling all the web stuff. Their videos are the most popular online instruction web site for knitters, and there is no better way to learn knitting that to practice learning the basics. You can see and hear by clicking on the various videos available such as: Getting Started, Casting on Stitches, The Knit Stitch, et cetera. Enjoy and have fun learning a new skill or perfecting the skills you already have!

Knitting and Craft Patterns in Braille

Lion Brand Patterns. Download Braille ready patterns!


Ilana Rabinowitz writes: I handle the marketing for Lion Brand Yarns. In response to an email from a blind knitter who wanted to use our patterns, we programmed a template so that all of our over 1,000 free patterns could be ready by a Brailler machine, that creates Braille from text or by a text to speech reader.  The response was overwhelming, with the most (in terms of enthusiasm and quantity) positive comments we have every received. Our site has been up since 1995. Most people who responded were not blind. They just appreciated what we did so much that they swore to buy our product exclusively from now on. Our next programming adjustment will be to make all of our patterns available in large type. Now that is a LOT of people, but the motivation to do this evolved from our first modification when we realized that appealing to people with special needs (these very targeted niches) was good all around.


Tending to My Knitting by Barbara Pierce

Knitting, the Social Equalizer

Other knitting web sites and blogs

Create a User ID and Password and you will be logged on to one of the largest sources of patterns and help anywhere on the web!

Besides news, forums, patterns there is a TV series available!

Tales from a Visually Impaired Knitter!

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