Football Conference Championship Games

The last stop before the Superbowl looks like it is going to be extremely entertaining to watch.

Appearing in the AFC Championship, the New York Jets have beaten the odds, not to mention a number of tough opponents, in order to come up against the powerful Indianapolis Colts. The Colts saw their first loss of the season against the Jets in week 16 when they decided to pull all their important starters after they had taken the lead in the first half. The Jets went up against the Colts’ second string and ended up winning 29 to 15. The controversial win has everybody questioning whether or not the Jets can produce the same end result with Peyton Manning at the helm and all of the other first string players helping him out for the entire game this week.

The only people who aren’t questioning the outcome are the Jets themselves. With three big wins to get them to the conference championship, they feel that momentum is on their side. Coach Rex Ryan is fired up and he’s trying to light that same fire in his players as they embark on one of the most important games in franchise history. If the Jets rookie quarterback, Mark Sanchez, plays up to his potential, his offensive line gives him the necessary protection, and the ground game produces decent numbers, this game could be a close one.

All the Colts need to do is just be the Colts. They’ve had no problem winning games, with a regular season record of 14 wins and only 2 losses. Manning’s offensive line gives him ample time to pick and choose his intended receivers, who are more than willing to make spectacular catches and keep running afterwards. The Colts’ running game is relatively strong as well, giving them a double edged sword when attempting to score.

On paper, both defensive lineups look to be relatively similar, so you should expect to see most of this battle fought from the offensive side of the ball. No matter what happens, it should be a fantastic game to watch.

In the NFC Championship, we’ll watch the Minnesota Vikings play against the New Orleans Saints. This should prove to be a very interesting game to watch. While the Vikings offense isn’t as good as the Saints in terms of numbers, their defense is much stronger, especially against their opponent’s running game. The Saints are a scoring powerhouse and were expected to make it to the Superbowl since the first few weeks of the regular season. They both have what it takes, but can they pull it off?

The Vikings offense is led by veteran quarterback Brett Favre, who has played in the league for 19 years now. The 40 year old quarterback has had a simply incredible season this year with over 4,200 passing yards and 33 touchdown passes. Adrian Peterson, the Vikings’ star running back has had an equally impressive season, with over 1,300 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns. If the two can combine their talents and continually get points on the board, they’ll give the Saints a run for their money.

The Saints have had a truly fantastic season this year, going undefeated until the last three weeks of the regular season. They are ranked first in points and yards per game, which isn’t surprising considering who is behind those numbers. Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees has numbers that almost exactly mirror those of Brett Favre with over 4,300 passing yards and 33 touchdowns. The Saints’ running game features Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas, a couple of seriously productive running backs.

Bottom line, and forgive me for sounding like Yogi Berra, whichever team can score the most points the quickest, is sure to win this game. What isn’t known, though, is which one will end up doing that. If the Vikings’ offense can keep adding to the scoreboard and their defense lives up to their reputation, the Saints are in trouble. However, the Saints have proven to be astoundingly talented and resilient this season. If there is any crack in the Vikings’ armor, they will find it an exploit it with everything that they have. It is going to be a great game.

In the AFC Championship game, the Jets came out hungry and looking like they were going to perform the upset of the season against the Colts.  However, they lost their steam during the second half and the Colts rallied to end up winning the game 30 to 17.
In the NFC Championship game, it was a back and forth duel throughout the entire game.  Neither team ever led by more than a touchdown and a series of amazing plays by both teams brought the game into overtime with a score of 28 to 28.  The Saints won the coin toss and naturally chose to receive the kick.  They marched down the field to get into field goal range and their kicker split the uprights for the win and a trip to the Superbowl.

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