Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers,

As some of you have brought to my attention, there were various formatting problems with the email version that made last week’s issue difficult to read at times. I took those into account and fixed them. There will now be a table of contents at the beginning of each weekly email. In addition to that, I have inserted the ## symbol before each article and new section so that you can use your browser or word processor’s search or find function to navigate through the material much easier. I hope that these changes will allow you to enjoy the magazine much more.

As far as content is concerned, I want to let you know what my philosophy will be regarding what type of magazine I intend to offer you. My goal is to give you a mix of general interest articles and blindness related topics to create a well rounded publication that everyone will enjoy. It is also advantageous that I am able to offer this magazine in a weekly format as well, since that will enable me to keep the topics discussed as up to date as possible. I will do my best to steer away from anything that could be seen as stale news.

I will also not write for the sake of writing. It has always been my opinion that anyone who talks for the sake of it generally has something of very little importance to say. It is for that reason that some weeks may contain more material than others. If I don’t intend to give you stale news, I certainly don’t want to start giving you useless news simply to fill space.

I sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy the magazine as it settles into its new form and I welcome any and all suggestions from you so that I can make this publication something to look forward to.

Thanks for reading.


Ross Hammond, Editor

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