New Intel Reader for the Visually Impaired

Intel has just released a new product that promises to be a huge success in the blindness community. Named simply the Intel Reader, the device is a technological masterpiece without being overly complicated to operate.

The Reader works by utilizing a high resolution camera to take a picture of text.  It’s as simple as pointing the reader, taking a picture of the text, and letting it read aloud to you.  It converts the printed text into a digital readout which can either be magnified or played back via synthesized voice. The Reader can be used on nearly anything with printed material. It is also very portable, allowing the user to bring it anywhere they would need to. Another added feature is a headphone jack, so that the user can maintain privacy if they’d like.

The Reader also comes equipped with a hard drive, so you can store multiple sources of text at the same time and read them whenever you wish. This feature truly gives a great deal of freedom to anyone who uses one. It is also compatible with MP3 and Daisy audio formats, digital talking books, and can even store text transferred from your computer, like the Matilda Ziegler Magazine e-mail edition.

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