Is Your Password Strong Enough?

Passwords are used as a way to keep all of your information safe. However, the vast majority of passwords just aren’t strong or complex enough to keep hackers at bay for very long at all.

Most passwords include slang words or dictionary words that may be easy to remember but don’t provide much protection at all. Hackers are able to use what is called a brute force attack to gain access to data protected by weak passwords. Essentially, a program runs through dictionary and slang words combined with numbers to eventually establish what the true password is. While this process may seem like an endlessly complex approach and would take large amounts of time, the combination of weak passwords and automated brute force attacks can give someone access to your data in as little as 110 attempts. Those 110 attempts occur in only one second. That means that in just 17 minutes, a hacker could potentially have access to 1000 data accounts.

So what can you do to make your password stronger? Well, you can start by not using common slang words or words found in the dictionary. This will automatically make your password much stronger. In addition to that, you can begin incorporating capital letters. Many passwords are case sensitive and will not allow access if the correct capital letters are not present. Another way is to include numbers or symbols in your password.

While these steps will make your password harder to remember, they will also make your password harder to figure out and will keep your important data much safer.

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  1. How are you supposed to choose a word that isn’t in the dictionary?