How Could This Possibly Go Wrong?

For the most part, as citizens, we trust the judgment of police officers who have sworn to protect us.  However, this story out of the United Kingdom is sure to make even the most trusting people a little uneasy.

As part of a new program aimed at encouraging citizens to protect themselves from burglary, police in Macclesfield, Cheshire are going to begin walking around neighborhoods at night testing windows and doors to see if they’re open.  What’s more surprising is that if the officers find that they can gain access to the home, they have been ordered to enter and wake the sleeping residents to give them a lecture about how they had left their house open to be broken into. 

While on the surface it’s an unconventional effort to protect citizens in the area, this could also turn out to be very dangerous for both the residents whose homes are being broken into and the police who are breaking in.  An inspector who will be a part of this particularly strange community outreach program said he expects most reasonable people to thank them for encouraging citizens to improve the safety of their home.  Though, I can’t imagine any thanks coming their way without first being barraged with frightful screams and stern threats from the people who were ousted from their peaceful slumber after police officers broke into their home unannounced.  I wouldn’t be surprised if more than just a few police officers tumble through a kitchen window only to find a butcher’s knife pointed their way when they startled someone who was getting a midnight glass of water.

Now that I have been trying to see things from the blind community’s perspective, this situation seems even more terrifying.  How would a blind person know if the person who came into their home was really a police officer, and would they be held responsible if they defended themselves in turn, possibly injuring the unwelcomed guest?

I find myself at once admiring the police force for their intentions and shaking my head due to their planned execution of those intentions.  I have a feeling that this will backfire terribly, and I hope that if and when it does, nobody gets hurt.

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