Travel Tip – Ship Your Luggage

With many airlines charging higher amounts for checked luggage and increasing penalties if someone is over the limit with the amount of luggage they’re allowed to have, a reliable alternative is simply shipping your luggage to and from your destination. While it may seem unconventional to send your luggage with UPS or FedEx instead of US Air or Delta, it’s a practice that makes a good deal of sense when you break it down.

For one, the cost of shipping your luggage to your destination in some cases will almost mirror the cost of putting it on the plane with you, now that most airlines have begun including a flat charge for your first bag and additional charges for each extra piece of luggage. It’s also convenient when shipping your belongings because you won’t have to lug them through the airport and have to deal with checking them or stowing them in any bin while on the plane.

Another great argument is that large-scale shipping services have a much better track record than the airlines concerning the delivery of packages. An added bonus is that most major shipping companies also offer tracking information, guaranteed delivery times, and in worst case scenario situations, even allow you to insure your packages, should anything happen in transit. The airline only offers one of those three, and their guaranteed delivery of your luggage only works if your bags land with you and aren’t on an inter-continental flight to Beijing instead. Since every airport I’ve ever been in has a lost luggage counter, you can assume that bags often end up on planes that they were never meant to be on.

So, next time you’re thinking about getting away, you may want to consider saving yourself the hassle by shipping your luggage instead of setting yourself up for disappointment when your suitcase isn’t on the baggage carousel and the line at the lost luggage counter wraps around the room.

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