Rags to Riches

Chris Shaw is a regular guy.  He holds a job at a convenience store and does what he can to get by.  He also now has the potential to be worth well over 100 million dollars. 

Six numbers have forever changed Mr. Shaw’s life.  11, 34, 41, 49, 55, 20 is all it took to win him the gargantuan 258 million dollar Powerball lottery jackpot.  Which, by the way, couldn’t have come at a better time.  Shaw only had $28.58 in his bank account.

He now has the option of taking the winnings in one lump sum of roughly 120 million dollars, or accept the payment in yearly installments for thirty years.  Regardless of his choice, he’s got a ton of money at his disposal and all the time in the world to change his lifestyle, should he choose to do so.  Though, he still isn’t sure if he’ll quit his job at the convenience store yet.

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