Turning Emissions into Money

A company named Skyonic has devised a new way to scrub the harmful heavy metal elements out of industrial plant exhaust stacks and turn the remaining carbon dioxide into baking soda.  This procedure used to be a pipe dream a few months ago, but thanks to various grants, the first Skymine facility will be mated to the largest cement factory in Texas.  The baking soda output of the process can be used in animal feed, glass products, and even as a growth catalyst for bioalgae.

Not only will this new process seriously diminish the harmful emissions coming from the plant, but it will also become a profitable add-on, as well.  According to the CEO of Skyonics, “The sum of the byproducts of the plant are worth more than the sum of input. Salt, water, and electricity are the only inputs. Hydrogen, chlorine, and bicarbonate products are the outputs.”  They’ll be able to sell the byproducts of the plant processes along with their end product, increasing their profits while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.  While the Skymine add-on facility will cost nearly 100 million dollars to build, its costs will be offset down the line since it also makes the company money.

Carbon capture facilities are not a new invention, but what sets this apart is that there is no underground storage.  Where other capture systems store the CO2 gasses underground, with Skymine, the remaining carbon is transformed into a useful product, making the process safer and more practical.

 To read the original article, please go to http://www.fastcompany.com/1622160/skyonics-texas-carbon-capture-facility-will-turn-co2-into-baking-soda

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