A Very Tiny, Huge Leap Forward

The world’s smallest electronic switch has been created.  It is of a scale so small that there is really no way to put it into perspective–the incredibly tiny switch is just 7 atoms wide.

So why is this so important?  Well, it means that quantum computers may be feasible much sooner than was originally thought.  By creating switches this tiny, computer chip sizes will theoretically be able to be reduced nearly 100 times smaller than their current size.  This opens the door for computing potentials that are exceedingly more powerful than what is currently possible.  The scientists involved in the project say that problems that would take longer to solve than the life of the universe with today’s computers may be able to be solved in as little as a couple years.

This technology opens the door for so many things.  Data encryption will be nearly impossible to break, weather prediction will be much more accurate, nearly anything that utilizes a computer will be improved on an exponential scale. 

For the blind community, this could mean big things, as well.  With technology like this, that promises a massive increase in computing power and a reduction in size, retinal implants could be absolutely amazing devices that restore full vision.  Software programs will be indescribably rich in content, offering any visually impaired user a customized experience.  The desktop computer will become a paperweight and hand-held devices with superior speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities will be the standard.  The way in which everyone will receive and interpret information, for any purpose, will be completely changed.

The best and most exciting part is that scientists believe that within 5 years an ultra-fast quantum computer will be ready for commercial applications.

To read the original article, please go to http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/7759347/Scientists-create-worlds-smallest-electronic-switch.html

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