Feature Writer John Christie – Blind Insurance Adjuster Has Seen it All

Mary Jo Seller fills out incident reports for the Schmitt Adjustment Service. She takes general liability, property, and auto reports from insurance companies from as far north as Freeport, Illinois, to parts of southern Illinois/Indiana, and west to Grinnell, Iowa. Whether it involves a minor fender-bender, a fire, storm damage, broken bones and, yes, the neighbor’s dog damaging the pool lining–she has taken the report.

Using a tape recorder, Seller records the initial report and then goes back to fill out the necessary forms later on. By using a tape recorder, she gets all the information that the person is telling her on tape and doesn’t have to worry about having the person repeat the information. If she was writing everything down, the whole process would take much longer. If she decided to utilize current technology for the blind, she could easily record her information on the Victor Reader Stream.  

Seller also handles the run of the mill calls. “If I am not able to answer a question or assist someone, I usually take a message and give it to the adjuster,” she said.

She also said that having no prior experience in the insurance business has been a learning experience for her.

Seller seems to like her job even though she had no prior experience doing it because the job has made her grow. The job has also fulfilled a need for her to work and be self-sufficient. The bottom line is that even though she’s blind, she wants to be like everyone else and work and have a fulfilling life.

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