Paul the Octopus: International Legend

The now-famous German Octopus named Paul has earned a ton of recognition lately due to his odd talent.  Paul is now a renowned World Cup prognosticator.  Beginning with the single elimination brackets, Paul has predicted the winner of a number of different games.  The amazing part is that he has predicted correctly every single time. 

The process is pretty simple.  Paul’s handler drops two plastic boxes, each with a country’s flag printed on the outside, into Paul’s tank.  Inside each box are identical mussels for Paul to dine on.  Since everything is portioned equally, Paul is not swayed to make one choice over the other.  Whichever box he opens to grab the mussel from is going to be the winner.

Since he is a German Octopus, most of the picks were based on German games.  Every time that Paul picked them to win, they did.  Unfortunately for the Germans, Paul also picked their opponents as well, including their loss to Spain in the game that decided who would go to the finals.  Paul ate the mussel behind the Spanish flag and the rest, as they say, is history.

After that German loss, many were calling for Paul’s head, or tentacles, depending on how you look at it.  They demanded that he be cooked for going against the Germans in such an important game.  It’s an odd superstition for sure, but when the octopus is always right, many people apparently put a lot of faith in it.  Paul’s handlers have assured the people that he will not be cooked as a result of his picks.

Up until Sunday, Paul was perfect, picking the winner of all seven games correctly.  When Spain and the Netherlands met this afternoon for the finals, Paul proved to be right again.  While it took Spain 116 minutes to finally score the goal that would win them the game, Paul’s pick took a mere 10 seconds.  He must’ve known from the start.  He better hope that the Dutch don’t have a taste for octopus, too.

Paul also picked the winner of the game for third place between Germany and Uruguay, with Germany coming out on top.  If he’s right, it will mean a perfect 9 for 9 with his World Cup picks and a lot of people shaking their heads wondering how he did it, or if it’s just coincidence.  A whole lot of coincidence.

Monday morning update:  Paul was right about Germany.  He finished 9 for 9.

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  1. Paul got 8 out of 8 in this World Cup, not 9 of 9. In the 2008 European nations Cup, he got two wrong, one being that Germany would beat Spain. Spain beat Germany then and went on to win that championship. His other wrong prediction was a German loss, but they won that game.