Feature Writer John Christie – Olympus Offers New Accessible Digital Recorders

Olympus is now offering two new digital recorders. The Olympus DM-4, the most recent recorder that came out in June 2010 has some new features. However, the DM-2 also has some good features. They provide high quality recording and playback. They also have large color LCDs and voice guidance. Both models also have intuitive menus and stereo mix. The DM-4 also has text to speech and voice recognition. You can record, edit, and play podcasts with both of these models. In addition, you can record and play music, textbooks, and audio books. The DM-4 and the DM-2 have an internal memory capacity of 8 gigabytes and 4 gigabytes. The DM-4 also has voice recognition so users can verbally navigate menus with voice commands. Users are also able to set the time and date and create a schedule using only voice commands.

Both of these devices offer stereo microphones so users can play and record PCM, MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) files. These features make this recorder a useful tool for school, work or home. You can listen to your audio book at the gym or listen to your podcast on the way home.

In addition to voice recognition, the DM-4 is a DAISY Player, which means it can play Talking Books.

The DM-4 and DM-2 both have a feature called voice guidance. When the feature is turned on, users can navigate menus and various set up options guided by a voice. The pleasant voice informs users to set the time or date and other menu selecting modes. It also tells you the folder name as you go from one folder to another.

The text to speech function allows users to hear the time and date of the recording as well as key words those users can set. Users can identify the recording without listening to the whole recording. Text files are also able to be played on the DM-4.

The DM-4 can hold 8 gigabytes of media, equivalent to 2,000 hours of recorded playback.  The DM-2 can hold 4 gigabytes and will play back 1,000 hours of recorded material. Both devices have a removable microSD media card to further expand capacity by up to 16 gigabytes.

The DM-4 and the DM-2 both have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can be operated for more than 20 hours. You can recharge the recorders with an AC adapter or by connecting to a computer with a USB.

Olympus Sonority Software is accessible with Windows or Mac. Using this software, you can erase noise, adjust sound effects and divide files. You can also upload, organize files, and download podcasts.  You can also move media to both devices by using the USB cable provided with both recorders.

The DM-4 and the DM-2 come with Li-ion Battery, AC Adapter, Stereo Earphone, USB Cable, Conversion Cable (DM-4 only), Carrying Case, Strap, Olympus Sonority Software, Instruction Manual and Warranty Card.

The DM-4 comes in black, while the DM-2 comes in silver. You can get the DM-4 from Ferguson Enterprises. Their phone number is 605-854-9280.  At this time, I don’t know if they sell the DM-2 digital recorder.  They sell the DM-4 digital recorder for $299. This includes the tutorial.  This price is right in line with other devices like the Victor Reader Stream, while allowing the user to record media as well.

The DM-4 and the DM-2 digital recorders are great recorders. You can record lectures and get rid of any background noise by using the Olympus Sonority Software. In addition, you can use the DM-4 to download talking books if you’re able to.  The recorder is also an excellent recorder to take around especially since it comes with a carrying case.

The DM-4 is definitely a product that I may purchase in the future. When I was present for a demonstration, the voice navigation was very clear and guided the user easily through the menu and various functions.  I’m also very fond of the idea of transferring files from the recorder to the PC.  

For more information on both recorders you can go to http://www.photoxels.com/pr-olympus-dm-4-dm-2/

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  1. The web address for this company has changed. I just ordered the DM-4 from them and had a nice conversation with Patricia Ferguson, the proprietor. They have two websites: http://www.scanacan.com and http://www.fergusontechnologiesinc.net. After I receive my DM-4 I’ll have fur4ther comments.