Health and Science – New Development in Burn Treatment

While you may not hear about guns curing people of ailments, there is one that has virtually revolutionized the way burn victims are treated.

Current conventional methods heal burns on the body’s largest organ in as long as weeks, sometimes months.  During this time, the wounds are highly susceptible to infection, which is the reason why many people die from severe burns.  Even though scientists are able to grow skin, the grafts sometimes are not made in enough time to save the patient.

Enter Jorg Gerlach, a scientist who has developed a spray gun that will change everything.  The spray gun uses healthy stem cells, taken from unaffected areas of the patient’s skin and mixed with a sterile solution, to work its wonders.  As it sprays, it coats the affected tissue with the healthy stem cell solution, enabling the skin to heal itself incredibly fast.

In a video demonstrating the technology, a police officer had been severely burned during a fourth of July party.  His arm, he said, looked like a charred piece of meat.  When he went to the hospital, doctors asked him if he would be willing to try an experimental new treatment that they felt he would be a great candidate for.  He agreed, and they went to work.

The officer had checked himself into the hospital on a Friday evening with second degree burns all over his right side.  Miraculously, by Monday morning, less than 4 full days later, his skin was entirely healed.  So far, over a dozen patients have been treated using the spray gun, all of them with stellar results.

This new treatment has been hailed as the possible “holy grail” of burn treatment.  With the ability to cut down healing time from weeks and possibly months to only days, this new device has the potential to help millions of burn victims around the world.

While certain types of stem cell research are wrought with controversy, hopefully this one, which only takes healthy cells from the patient’s own skin, will be acceptable and widely used as quickly as possible.


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