Feature Writer Lynne Tatum – Job Satisfaction

During a short living-well seminar on job satisfaction, I experienced an “a-ha!” moment as I realized that, for the most part, I am quite content in my position.  Creativity, an open and fun environment, and the ability to discuss and explore new products are key factors that contribute to my well-being at work.

Deciding on which envelope to stuff first and from which side of the conference table is in no way, shape, or form my idea of creativity.  The busy developers of Microsoft Office ensure that I, as a trainer of their products, will always have new and challenging features to teach.  Choosing the format for class materials can be interesting, creative and, at times, innovative.  Currently, we’re using a blog, which requires that the students reinforce certain important commands, such as copy, paste, adjusting font and size, and print.  I also enjoy a level of autonomy in that I’m often asked to think up new course offerings.   In fact, that was the case this week.  We’ll see if the course flies or fails.

The physical and emotional environment are extremely important to me.  Our classroom is comfortable with excellent lighting that is easy on my glare-filled vision and I have no problems sitting at my desk for hours to complete lengthy projects.  Most importantly, my colleagues are a source of uproarious entertainment. The ability to enjoy a burst of uncontrolled laughter breaks up my day and eases the tension from what can sometimes be a disheartening and frustrating moment.  I do not take this spontaneous merriment for granted as it was not the case in my former three places of employ. I am pleased to say that I do not have the burden of working with miserable co-workers as described by a seminar participant.

These days I know well what must be the fun (and sometimes frustration) of being a tester of toys and games.  Our Demo Center provides the opportunity to explore and demonstrate equipment such as Optelec’s ClearReader scanner and reader as well as Apple’s iPad 2.  Next week, I plan to assess a new software package which purports to make the garden-variety tasks of your computer easier to use and more organized.  I can hardly wait to get my ears on it.  It is then my pleasure to share my knowledge with anyone who needs or wants to learn about the items for themselves, family members, and/or friends.  My only regret is that I do not have the funds to purchase those really necessary big-ticket items, but I know I’m not alone in this circumstance.

And speaking of finances, would you believe that no one wanted to admit that compensation was a key component in job satisfaction?

Are you happy with your job?  What do you enjoy about it?  Let us know in the reader’s forum.

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