Feature Writer John Christie – The 6Dot Braille Labeler

In the past, blind people have used a variety of methods to put Braille labels on a variety of devices. Most of them required you to use a stylus and slate. However, a new product is coming out that may revolutionize this process. The product is called the “6dot,” made by 6dot Innovations.

The light-weight product comes with a 6-key interface. This ensures that you can produce all the Braille characters and contractions that a regular Braille writer would produce.
The 6dot Braille labeler produces crisp Braille, which is great for use in harsh environments. Each label is cut so that you can remove the adhesive backing.  It comes with an integrated cutting system so that scissors are not necessary. This makes it easy to label a variety of products such as a microwave oven, CDs, or a filing system that you would use at work to keep papers in alphabetical order. In addition, if you live in an apartment, you might want to label your apartment number on your mailbox. The 6dot also has a light touch keyboard. This means that you get full character embossing with a light touch of the keys.

The 6dot features a 32 character buffer so your typing speed isn’t limited and you can make labels quickly and efficiently.

The labeler measures 2.5 inches tall and can easily fit in a drawer. You can also get a shoulder strap for it as well if you’ll need to carry it with you.  The labeler runs on 4 AA batteries.

According to 6dot Innovations’ web site, the product will be priced around the $300 range.

The 6dot Labeler is a great product. It’s portable and can be easily stored when not in use. In addition, it has a cutter to automatically cut the tape. However, the price is a little steep for some blind people. Maybe, once the product is sold to consumers and agencies serving the blind, the price will go down.

Source: http://braillelabeler.net/product.html

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