Feature Writer Romeo Edmead – Never Forgetting

On May 1, 2011, United States Armed Forces took the life of mass murderer Osama Bin Laden. When I heard about it, I found some irony in the fact that his death came in the month that we have a national holiday celebrating our fallen soldiers. Of course nothing will ever bring them back, but some of us can do the slightest things to keep their memory alive. It can be as simple as saying “Thank you” to a veteran you know, so never minimize how important that can be.

I have to confess that as a child and as an adult, I certainly spent many holidays appreciating a day off, away from school and work, but never thought much about the holiday’s origin. With yesterday being Memorial Day, I made sure to stop and think for a moment about the true essence of why it is a holiday. To put it in simplest form, many of our heroes died so we can live. Fortunately, in this country we are lucky to have a quality of life that surpasses much of the world, and much of that we owe to those who have protected us.

Just think, if you hosted or attended a barbecue this past weekend and had the luxury of enjoying food, beverages, and good company, a portion of your gratitude is owed to our veterans who sacrificed their own lives. Of course if you never lived in another country you may not know exactly how things operate, but when you consider the fact that many people risk their lives attempting to flee to the United States, it infers that we must be doing something right.

Most certainly, my premise is not that things are perfect, but they are probably better than we recognize at times, even during war and economic hardship. With that said, there’s usually light at the end of each tunnel, and that is what separates our nation from many others.

Coupled with the fact that we have to pay homage to our deceased veterans, we still have living vets we can appreciate. I know for sure that some of you are subscribers, and I want to let you know that I admire your heart, courage, and dedication. I have spoken to some of you who have suffered significant injuries, but yet you seem to have no regrets and continue to maintain an indomitable spirit. In November, I plan to write an article about some of you for Veterans

Day, so please contact me if you are willing to share your stories of survival in combat. If you are interested, please call 203-604-8601 or 877-424-5481 and leave your contact information.

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