Reader’s Forum – September 26, 2011

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In response to Feature Writer Terri Winaught – He Teaches The World, Danni wrote:

The book Thunder Dog is also available for download on the BARD site for those that are using the library for the blind.
In response to Contributor Nancy Scott – New Rules, Roy wrote:

That article brought to mind a trick my children played on me while playing hide ‘n’ seek.

I am totally blind and have been all my life. When my son and daughter were 6 and 7 years old we were playing the game. It was their turn to hide so I dutifully counted to 20 and began looking for them. I looked in closets, under beds and tables, in all the usual places kids would hide. During all that time they were sitting quietly on the sofa. Those two nincompoops got one over on me and they were so happy! Talk about new rules!
In response to Feature Writer Lynne Tatum – September 11, 2001–A Recollection, DeAnna wrote:

I think all of us can relate to some event that has a lasting impression on us. Even when we don’t experience it directly, the moment is imprinted on us. For me, the event that impacted me profoundly occurred when I was in the 8th grade. The drama teacher rushed in to my English class screaming and crying. My teacher, John Ritzel, pushed her in to the arms of another teacher who ran in behind her. He growled, “Get her out of here, she is scaring my kids.” He then addressed his class in a quiet voice. “The president has been shot in Dallas Texas. If you want to pray or just take a moment to pull yourselves together, put your heads down on your desks.”

I remember the shock and wondering how the world could have changed so much that an important person like John F. Kennedy could be shot, then what sort of safety could there ever be for me, a blind child growing up in California. I had lived through a man walking on the moon and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Each of these were turning points in history. But my sense of safety has never been quite the same. Still, I refuse to allow fear to keep me from going about my life. During the aftermath of 9/11, some acquaintances refused to fly or feared anyone who looked like what they thought a terrorist might look. I think that is letting the terrorists win. Only by keeping our values and our way of life intact can we defeat them. We must protect freedom by voting, and fighting to protect democratic values.

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