Reader’s Forum – October 24, 2011

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In response to the Editor’s request for Halloween stories, Allison wrote in, saying:

When I was in college, my guide dog and I were invited to a Halloween party. Of course we needed costumes. My fiancé made a fire hydrant costume for me, and my guide dog just went as herself. Needless to say, the costume was a hit and we won first prize.

The only downside was that my fiancé had forgotten that I might actually want to sit down at this party, and the costume didn’t bend. So I spent the whole party standing. However, it was well worth the minor inconvenience.

Allison Fallin
In response to the Editor’s request for Halloween stories, Karen wrote in, saying:

I am not generally a believer in ghosts, goblins, or other entities, but I had a strange experience while living at a YWCA in Massachusetts. I believe this building had been there for a good long time, and rumors often circulated that late at night you could hear someone playing the old piano in a recreation room upstairs. When investigated, there would be nobody present they said.

I used to go upstairs with my guide dog to this room, and play the old piano mostly during the day. One night however, after a stressful day I decided to go into this same recreational area and sit at the piano. Upon entering the room it felt strangely too quiet. As my dog and I stepped across the carpet, I heard close to me in front of me, a sound like a rocking chair swinging back and forth like there was somebody in that chair. It was about nine in the evening and there was such a deep silence except for this sound. The chills went up my spine as I reached out to find the rocking chair. Imagine my surprise when there was no chair in front of me, and the sound stopped the moment I reached out to find it. I turned gave my dog the forward command and never was seen in this room at night again! I got a good fright, and wonder if this was just my imagination, but I was so sure that chair was in front of me. I later went back to that room, but there was nothing there except the old piano and bench and a few regular chairs during the daytime. The room had been used for church services for some people from Haiti in the past, but there was nothing there when I returned.

Karen Bailey
In response to Feature Writer Alena Roberts – Experiencing Blue Man Group, Kit wrote:

I have to agree that it is a very visual show. I saw them 4 times before I lost my sight and once since I have lost it. My fiancé and I have seen Trans Siberian Orchestra twice and we are going a third time this November. The shows we have seen are amazing. The music is awesome. They use pyrotechnics that can actually be felt from anywhere in the arena. Last year we saw the Christmas show and then in April we saw Beethoven’s Last Night. After the second show, I stood in line and got to meet the band. They also signed my t-shirt that I bought. I also got to meet the Blue Men after the show in Philly in December. True to form they did not speak at all. They were very nice though, and one of them even tied a piece of confetti around my wrist.

Kit McElwee
In response to Contributor Nancy Scott – Werekitty, Amy wrote:

I was alone with our dog Lady at our house one night. Our house was about 100 years old, and the owner died peacefully in a nursing home, but due to certain things that happened, we sometimes half-jokingly said he was haunting the place.

Well, it was thundering, but not too badly, so I decided to jump in the shower quickly before it got worse. As I was drying myself, the bathroom door, which was the only way in or out, opened! I looked over, expecting to see Mom or Dad coming in, but there was nothing! I stood there frozen, waiting for the owner’s ghost to come grab me! I said, “Louie, if that’s you, just go away and leave me alone.” Nothing happened for a few minutes. Then I heard, “Jingle, jingle, jingle.” I looked down and saw Lady standing there. She had pushed the bathroom door open to be with me because she was scared of the thunder! Haha!

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