Letter from the Editor – October 31, 2011

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a nice weekend. For those of you affected by the ridiculously early winter storm we had, I hope you’re faring well. I know at one point we had about 831,000 people without power here in Connecticut, and well over a million including New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Some areas got as much as 20 inches of heavy wet snow, which wreaked havoc on the trees and power lines. Things are quite a mess.

The biggest problem is that some people will be without power for the better part of a week, and inland temperatures will be below freezing at night–making this large outage much worse than Hurricane Irene, when temperatures were still at a comfortable level. If any of you are affected by this, or know someone affected by this, make sure that you find a safe and warm place to be until power is restored.

As for the magazine this week, we’ve got a great series of articles for you, including a very appropriate contribution regarding how to prepare for winter, along with many other topics that you’re sure to enjoy.

So dust the snow off of your pumpkins, and I hope you all have a safe and warm week and a Happy Halloween.

Take care, and as always, thanks for reading.

Ross Hammond, Editor

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