Feature Writer John Christie – Staying on Track with New Year’s Resolutions

Many New Year’s Resolutions are made with good intent in January but forgotten in February. One of the reasons why these resolutions are forgotten so quickly is because they are not acted upon with a series of steps or an action plan. For instance, if your goal is to lose weight or quit smoking after the holidays, you can stay on track for meeting these goals by following a series of steps or an action plan.

First, choose the right resolution for the right reasons. For instance, why do you want to lose weight or quit smoking? Is the reason to quit smoking or loose weight to improve your health, to live longer, or to improve your appearance or to improve self-esteem? You have to know why you want to either lose weight or quit smoking etc.

Next, decide how difficult your resolution should be. In addition, make your goal reasonable and aim high. Aiming high will make you try harder. For instance, I want to lose 15 pounds or reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by February 15. The loss of 15 pounds by February 15 or the reduced amount of cigarettes smoked by this date assists you in making the resolution official. Once the goal is official, get support from family and friends to help you complete this goal. You can also investigate telephone hotlines in your area to assist in reaching your goal. You can also write your goal on paper or state it when you are looking into a mirror out loud.

Next, develop a plan. With a plan, you will make progress towards accomplishing your goal. Without a plan, you are very unlikely to succeed. The best way to develop a plan is to come up with a list of steps and the due dates of when you will accomplish these steps. If you’re having problems coming up with steps for your plan, either consult a Personal Trainer or go to a website that specializes in this topic.

Make sure you stay on track with your plan. A Daily Planner can be a great help for some people who like to check off items on their to-do lists. However, if you have trouble staying on top of details and staying motivated, you may want to obtain the help of a personal trainer or go on to a website that specializes in goal setting.

The next step is to keep on going and be flexible. This is true especially if the goals change in the middle of the plan. You also have to be flexible if circumstances beyond your control alter the plan.

By following these steps, you will have a better chance of keeping your New Year’s resolutions. Good luck to those of you who set goals for yourself in the coming year.

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