Feature Writer Steven Famiglietti – Zoomtext Features: Part 2

I must say that over the years, I feel that Ai Squared has done a fine job adding features to Zoomtext that are useful and easy to understand and operate.

New in Zoomtext 10 is a feature called Background Reader. This feature makes it possible for users to have Zoomtext read selected text to you while you are working in another program. This is the first feature I’m aware of that lets you multi task with assistive technology. You could be writing an email and having specific text read to you as you work.

Another awesome feature of Zoomtext 10 is the Zoomtext Recorder. This feature allows users to have specific text recorded and then read back to them using their mobile or portable device. This is especially useful for those people who have long commutes each day that have lots of text they need to read to prepare for their work day. You can have the text read to you with Windows Media player right on your computer, or you can have the text read on your MP3 player, or Apple device. It all works quite easily and intuitively.

The AppReader feature has been part of Zoomtext now for several years and is a great way to have text read back to you. I like to use it to proofread my Microsoft Word and email documents before I submit or send these documents out. With Zoomtext 10, there is a new feature called Read from Pointer, which means you can have AppReader read from where ever you’ve positioned your mouse pointer. This can be especially useful in situations where a blinking curser does not exist, like on a web page. Instead of hearing all kinds of miscellaneous text, you can move the pointer to your desired starting point and have AppReader start in that location.

Another feature which has existed in Zoomtext for a while is called Focus Enhancement. I like this feature very much because when you enable it, Zoomtext places a shape around where the computer is focused. For example, if you are navigating menu items, each item will have a red outline drawn around it. As you move from item to item, the red outline moves with you. You can change the look of the enhancement to make it easier for you to see, but it really draws your eyes to the location.

If you are a proficient mouse user, then you will appreciate the Pointer Enhancement feature of Zoomtext, as well. This feature allows you to pick a mouse pointer size, color and other items to make the pointer easy to locate and follow as you work on your computer. After you install Zoomtext, if you enable the pointer enhancement, you will have a yellow pointer which is placed in the center of a red cross. As you move the pointer, the red cross and pointer move with you. If you prefer a different setting, you can go into the Zoomtext control panel and pick a different pointer scheme, or you can customize the pointer to fit your specific needs.

Has anyone else tried out the new Zoomtext? Let us hear your impressions in the Reader’s Forum.

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