Feature Writer Lynne Tatum – Continuing to Make Sense of the VoiceSense

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve made quite a bit of progress with my HIMS VoiceSense QWERTY. It now is a device that I carry every day (with the exception of scorchingly hot ones). Here’s the good, the bad, and the issues I hope will be addressed by HIMS.

Being an I’ll-explore-now-and-read-the-manual-later type techie, I probably would have found the Find feature a lot sooner had I perused the manual. Finding it accidentally, it has become an indispensable tool in my VoiceSense toolbox. You can find any document or media file on any drive. Press Control-F; type in your search string, and press Enter. If you need to change search locations, press the TAB key and choose from the list. Quite simple–very useful.

I recently learned about the 7.0 software upgrade through a Tweet on Twitter. Eager to learn more about the new features, however, I turned to an old-fashioned method of delivery–the HIMS mailing list for their notetakers. It is a high-traffic list to be sure, but I noticed that I’m more likely to receive an answer from users and the moderator than calling their Tech Support number. I, unlike some, went through a flawless upgrade using my Wi-Fi connection. You are warned that you may lose some of your personal settings, but I had no problem in resetting items, as it offered the opportunity for me to re-learn their locations. Have I noticed any strange behavior since upgrading? Funny you should ask.

As you can imagine, using the Twitter client is one of my absolute favorite pastimes, but I have recently noticed some quirks. Previously, it seemed that I was able to read more tweets per screen and I was ecstatic. This meant fewer presses of the Control-N command to receive a list of earlier tweets. I’ve noticed, though, that this key command no longer works consistently, nor does its alternate button. How strange! I will post my findings to the list and hope that the bugs are fixed in the next upgrade.

Using the Address Book required that I (annoyance of annoyance) open the help guide as I could not figure out how to move from address to address. It is with a satisfied grin that I announce that I have not only begun adding records, but have modified the field list so that it only displays the fields I absolutely need to fill in.

For those of you interested in games, there are at least two, and I’ve played them each once. I am, however, eagerly anticipating the release of one of my all-time favorite games–Hang Man, which I understand will be available for download in the very near future.

Bottom Line: I have thoroughly enjoyed making sense of my VoiceSense!

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