Reader’s Forum – Week of August 27, 2012

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In response to Op Ed with Bob Branco – Children Becoming Victims of Political Correctness, Bill wrote:

I would like to respond to Bob Branco’s article on political correctness. I agree with him that it has gone too far. We are too hooked on sexual harassment and other things. True, it does exist, but we are going over the edge with it. We have to lighten up as a society. It has gotten to the point whereby you have to watch everything you say or talk about so you will not be accused of anything. Enough already.

Bill Meinecke
Virginia Beach, Virginia
In response to Op Ed with Bob Branco – Children Becoming Victims of Political Correctness, Edward Zolotarevsky wrote:

At first it starts as censorship. Later, it becomes extreme and infringes on free speech.

Now, you must commit a crime before going to jail. Imagine a world where saying the wrong word like “cute” can throw you in jail instead.

George Orwell imagined such a world in his book, “1984.” He Thought police would track down criminals with words not actions. One sentenced man went to jail for writing “God” in a poem.

This fostered paranoia and destroyed human rights.

Edward Zolotarevsky
In response to Feature Writer Lynne Tatum – I Am Not Amused, Joni wrote:

I can’t ride things like the Tilt-A-Whirl, but I love roller coasters. As Carole mentioned in response to Lynne Tatum’s I Am Not Amused column, Cedar Point is a roller coaster paradise! The park is on the shore of Lake Erie. My husband and I have stayed at Hotel Breakers and it is so nice to be able to walk right into the park from the hotel. The park contains my favorite coaster, Millennium Force. It is 310 feet high and reaches 93 miles per hour. It is a smooth and exhilarating ride!

I just read that Cedar Point will debut its 16th roller coaster, GateKeeper, in 2013. Read about it here, and ride it if you dare:

There is a brief history of Cedar Point here:

It was interesting to read that the park’s first roller coaster, Switchback Railway, was only 25 feet high and ran at 10 miles an hour. Cedar Point is a must visit for roller coaster fans.

My second favorite coaster is at Busch Gardens Tampa, SheiKra. This coaster has no floor, climbs to 200 feet, leaves you hanging at the edge of the impending drop for a tantalizing 6 seconds, and then plunges you down at 90 degrees at a speed of 70 miles per hour. Thrilling and amazing!
In regard to the responses that she received in the Reader’s Forum, Sally wrote:

I want to thank everyone responding to my questions on crafts, the harmonica and what type of stove is more blind-friendly. I appreciate all the responses and am sorry I didn’t get my thank you in earlier.


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