Reader’s Forum – Week of September 24, 2012

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In response to Feature Writer Steven Famiglietti – The Software Upgrade Mystery, Chris wrote:

I decided with retirement looming for my husband that we would take a look at Apple products when a store came to our town. We were immediately attracted with the accessibility features being there in the system working out of the box. We now have an IMac, each bought in 2011, an IPad bought in 2011, and a second IPad arrived last week. It was a bit unnerving to be woken with an IMessage being read as it was programmed into IMessage to our daughter’s IPhone saying ‘good morning’. My husband is much more prepared to forsake typing–which he finds hard–for a Voice than I would be, though.
In response to Feature Writer Steven Famiglietti – The Software Upgrade Mystery, David wrote:

I agree with this article. Prices of software are sky-high. For instance, I used a Braille translation software and now that I had to upgrade my computer, it crashed, I had no choice, I need a newer version that runs on 64-bit platforms. Cost $495.00. I just had very basic Braille translation needs. I am not sure I can afford this as I have had problems with Rehab closing my case though I fought it to the top levels of the agency. I also need a newer version of scanner software–just to read mail, I’d pay $150.

If all you want is basic levels of software, why can’t they have several versions of the upgrades and you can choose accordingly. Windows has a Home and Pro version. For the price of the speech software I use, its functionality is upsetting.

I need drivers for a Dvorak keyboard, none are forthcoming. I cannot understand why during emails, sentences disappear suddenly and the system says blank and words jump to the ends of sentences and spacing is crazy. My download directory says nothing has been selected or unselected, I have to guess. Other directories work fine. Customer service is an adventure and I get totally lost. I wish there were good answers.

I also bought a Braille display and six weeks later the prices on them came drastically down. Yipes!
In response to comments from Deanna in last week’s Reader’s Forum, Bob wrote:

I am writing in response to what Deanna, the agency employee described about PCA services. The agency I referred to in my column does not have its own care givers. In fact, if you hire your own care giver, and if he or she breaks something in your home, or if the worker’s child knocks over a lamp, you, the client, are liable for the damages; not the worker, not the child, not the agency. The agency I talked about offers guidance and support, but it neither employs nor has a list of its own workers. You, the client, have to be resourceful enough to be your own administrator.

Bob Branco
In response to Feature Writer Karen Crowder – ITM: Coming to a Town or City Near You, David wrote:

That alternative transportation system sounds amazing. I wish we had something like that here to supplement our para-transit during the times it is not working. I know that a nearby city, Baton Rouge, has something called The Interfaith Caregivers–it’s a transportation system run by volunteers. Amazing.

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