Reader’s Forum – Week of October 22, 2012

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In response to Contributor Brian Fischler – Laugh For Sight NYC 2012, Terri

I am the Fundraising Chair of a local group called Western PA BOLD–with BOLD standing for Blind Outdoor Leisure Development. In that capacity, I am always looking for new, creative and innovative fundraisers. That said, how would I go about organizing a Laugh For Sight fundraiser here in Pittsburgh for Western PA BOLD (To the best of my knowledge, no such fundraiser has ever been conducted here)?

My final question is, is the name “Laugh For Sight” trademarked, in which case I know we would have to come up with a different name?

Thank you again for an informative article and also for any help you can provide.
In response to Contributor Nancy Scott – One Little Word, Jim wrote:

After reading “One Little Word” by Nancy Scott, I came away confused as to which word altered her conversation with her friend. Her friend linked the words “blind” and “normal” in the same sentence.

Sighted persons have direct access to print, and can drive themselves from here to there independently. That existence is “normal” for them. Sighted persons cannot imagine what it’s like to be blind. Therefore, existing as a blind person would be “abnormal” for them.
As blind persons, our lives are patterned differently than sighted persons.

For instance, Nancy needed transportation from her sighted friend to attend the play. Assuming both enjoyed the play, different from doesn’t necessarily mean inferior to.

Blind persons use alternative techniques and adaptive technology to achieve the same results as our sighted peers. Therefore, we use different methods and skills to achieve the same results.
From a cultural and historical standpoint, changing the meaning of the word “blind” is a tough proposition.

In Plato’s Republic he states: “Justice is better than injustice; and sight is better than blindness.” Most people in our culture subscribe to that belief. Altering the belief system of the masses constitutes a lifetime challenge.

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