Reader’s Forum – Week of April 22, 2013

In response to Op Ed with Bob Branco – They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To, Theresa wrote:

Boy, did you hit a nerve with me. As you stated, the electronic items we purchase no longer seem to be “blind-user” friendly. You simply just can’t open the box, remove the item, plug it into the wall (if batteries do not come with the item or if the item only runs on electric current) and last but not least, you need a sighted person to help you through in order to have the item set up for you to use. Sounds very familiar. For lack of a better way of saying it, I share your pain.

What I find more appalling, however, is that if I state my frustration over such issues to other blind individuals who have seemed to conquer this obstacle, I oftentimes get a run-around and hear statements like “it’s doable.” I invested close to $300 in an iPod Touch last summer
and over $50 in a Bluetooth wireless keyboard at the recommendation of someone, and they still have yet to get with me to help walk me through how to use it. Talk about an investment that could have been put to use somewhere else, or at least, maybe I should have waited? I only know
that by the time I do learn how to use it, a newer version will be out, and my version of the iPod Touch will, for lack of a better word, seem ancient.


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