Feature Writer Karen Crowder – Roger Cicchese’s Dream Realized: The Later Years

In the 1980s, Roger explored the exciting field of accessible technology. This was a wonderful time for him. He married in 1982 and returned briefly to broadcasting. UMass Boston’s new station W-U-M-B had announced positions available and Roger, along with another Perkins student, David Baharian, put together a winning demo which got them the 3 to 6 PM slot on Thursday afternoons. They entertained their audience playing folk music which was W-U-M-B’s genre. In March 1983, Roger was hired as the station’s news director and broadcasted an hour-long news program every night. He received information for stories from local newspapers, also calling town clerks, selectmen, and local organizations.

He also covered the Democratic Issues convention in Springfield in 1983 where he interviewed Governor Mike Dukakis.

In late 1983 Roger left the station, traveling to Florida where he trained as the Northeastern regional manager for Triformations, a new company. He would work at Triformation’s Boston office for two years. He also worked for BIT Boston information Technology.
The Cicchese’s became homeowners in 1984. Their daughter Andrea was born in 1986. Robert says these jobs happened, “at the right time.”

In 1986, synchronistic experiences gradually led him back to the world of taping and sound. He met a nice woman who worked for Macmillan publishing. He recorded audio book lectures for Wellesley College and tapes for the Jean Baker Woman’s center.
That year Roger opened Sound Craft, a recording studio based in Watertown. A large part of his work was producing audio books for the commercial market. As he became more involved with recording and duplicating cassettes, he discovered, “how much he enjoyed it.” In the late 1980s, Roger and David Baharian produced “Chimes Remembered” a compilation of carols and hymns that bell ringers played at Perkins.

Jane Kronheim and Roger met at the Museum of Fine Arts in 1979. She moved to Massachusetts from Ohio, and worked at Perkins to start a new program for blind preschoolers. They became friends. As an artist she created, “pillow books with tactual features on each side of the page.” Roger recorded over 100 stories for these cute pillow books.

When they met again in 2009, Jane made a startling proposal. “I would like to start a recording studio, if you are interested.” This was his dream. When he asked Jane about start up money she replied, “what do you have to lose,” “this might be the best thing that could happen to you.” They took a risk making their dream a reality. With Roger’s progressive hearing loss how would this happen? A Massachusetts agency provided him with a low interest loan so he could buy sophisticated hearing aids. Today if he is in a, “controlled environment with low noise” he functions well.

Roger’s experience in college building and managing the radio station helped him in the new venture as he installed cable in the new studio at Jane’s home in New Hampshire. He had, “a new lease on life being her sound designer.” They are incorporated as Voices of Experience. They resurrect recordings from reel to reel cassettes, all records, 8 track cartridges, and videos and put them on compact discs. He cleans the recordings up and improves their sound quality.
He does live recordings and voiceovers, and currently produces an accessible brochure for Easter Seals where he describes its pictures.

Each job’s price is quoted according to each client’s needs.

Roger believes in a simple formula for success, “our greatest limitations are the ones we place on ourselves.”

Contact information for Roger and Jan

Phone 1-603-827-3859
Contact name Jane Kronheim, Company President
Email address jk@voicesofxperience.com
Web address http//:www.voicesofxperience.com
The website has audio clips. If you want to be added to their email list, send inquiries to 1nationundersound@gmail.com

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