Letter from the Editor – Week of May 27, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I hope the weather wasn’t too bad for you last week and you had an enjoyable and peaceful Memorial Day.

This week’s magazine and supplement are a day late because of the Holiday so I hope that isn’t too much of a problem for anyone.

I’ve updated the email auto response again for this week, so if you’re not getting the magazine or supplement the fastest way to get it is to email editor@matildaziegler.com with the subject “Did not get magazine” or “Did not get supplement”

Karen Crowder wanted to make a correction to her May 13 article about the origin of Mother’s Day and point out that there is nothing in the Perkins School for the Blind Campus History series about Julia Ward Howe’s thoughts about setting aside the second Monday in June for mothers. The book does briefly talk about the Howe’s accomplishments and how they lived at Perkins school.

Also this week we will have the first part of a three part contributor story written by Linda, a legally blind person from China. Her story is narrated by her guide dog and translated into English by Benjamin Jiang who lives in Shanghai and is also blind. Benjamin learned English through his own hard work with the help of the Hadley School in China, which has, unfortunately, since closed.

Thank you to those of you who wrote in to the Reader’s Forum.

Thanks for reading and have a good week.


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