Op Ed with Bob Branco – The Best Video Camera for the Blind

Before I describe this outstanding video camera, I want to make it clear that it wasn’t designed for blind people. It just happens to be extremely convenient for the blind to operate; probably the best camera ever manufactured in that regard. This compact video camcorder is the Samsung-164.

If you want to record still photos or small movies, this device has features on it which are easy to find. All you need to do is insert a small video disc inside the camera and point the lens in the direction of what you would like to record. On the opposite end of the lens is the on-off switch. You simply turn the camera on and wait for the disc to load up. Once that happens, you turn the switch one more time to make sure you’re at the beginning of the disc. At the same time, you need to swing the video monitor out at an angle from the camera, because if you could see, you would want to know if you are filming properly. If you’re blind, a sighted person can tell you how good a job you’re doing with your filming. Once you’re absolutely sure that you are ready to record, you press a small, elongated button which is situated alongside the on-off switch, and presto! It is now recording! Most video discs usually last a half-hour to 45 minutes.

Though I am very confident in my ability to take good pictures, there are those who ask me how I do it, given the fact that I have no sight. It doesn’t matter that I can’t see what I’m recording. All I have to do is use my hearing to help me establish my environment. If I need assistance finding a landmark, all someone needs to do is tell me where it is.

My friends and loved ones have seen my video work, and although I have made mistakes from time to time, my video work has been met with some form of amazement. It’s not about my credentials. I am not, and have never been a professional photographer. It’s just that this Samsung camcorder is designed so that a blind person can operate it with no difficulty.

With the rapid change in the development of high video technology, this camcorder, which was on the market in 2006, is outdated. However, I hope there is always a Samsung-164 available on eBay, Craigslist, or any other similar resource, because we as blind people really benefit from it. I can’t think of any other video device that is so easy for us to use.

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