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Contributor Erin Jepsen – Blindsomnia

As the visually impaired mother of a blind daughter, I know first-hand that sleep problems come with the territory, and those with no light perception have even more trouble keeping their sleep cycles matched to the rest of the daytime world. Research shows that light triggers our brains to wake up, and the lack of […]

Contributor Erin Jepsen – Her World, Rich and Beautiful

My daughter, age four and a half, can see things about two inches from her nose. She experiences the rest of the world through her ears, her nose, her memory, and best of all, through her imagination. Sometimes, when she asks me, I’ll tell her what I see outside the car windows, but sometimes I […]

Contributor Erin Jepsen – The Blindness Spectrum

An event stands out from the haze memories in my childhood. I sat in a van with several other grade school aged kids. Taking off my thick glasses, I rubbed my tired eyes with a sigh. This led to questions from the others about how much I can see without my glasses. Rather than attempt […]

Contributor Erin Jepsen – A Great Teacher

After much thinking and discussion, my husband and I decided to enroll our four-year-old daughter, Abi, in the same church-based preschool her older brother and sister attended. Taking this step made me really nervous for a number of reasons. The main one was that Abi had only been home from Ethiopia for seven months. She […]

Contributor Erin Jepsen – Sometimes, It’s Okay To Stop

Since she came home from Africa, our four-year-old daughter Abi has had three surgeries on her eyes. Each time I handed her over to the anesthesiologist, it was harder, and each time the doctor made his way into the waiting room to tell us that things did not go well, my heart sank a bit […]

Contributor Erin Jepsen – One of the Gang

I’ll start off by mentioning that this is solely my opinion, and you’re welcome to take it with a grain of salt. As a mother with low vision who also has a blind child, this is an issue that’s at the core of my parenting philosophy, and I was reminded again the other day how […]

Contributor Erin Jepsen – Encouraging Imaginative Play in Blind Children

I’d like to share some ideas for parents to help encourage a vision impaired or blind child to use their imagination or to learn to play with toys. Often, a blind child, especially one who is adopted like our daughter, needs some gentle encouragement and direction in order to learn to play with toys or […]

Contributor Erin Jepsen – Bringing Abi Home

Tears ran down my face as I stepped carefully down the steps of the puddle-jumper airplane onto the skiff of new-fallen snow, my arms full of a limp, heavy, sleeping child. I walked toward the terminal with measured steps, as my family waved excitedly behind frosty panes of sun-tinted glass. I was bringing my daughter […]

Reader’s Forum – Week of May 29, 2012

For your convenience, all Reader’s Forum submissions are separated by the ## symbol. In response to Contributor Erin Jepsen – Sometimes, It’s OK to Stop, Allison wrote: I’d like to comment on Erin Jepsen’s column in last week’s Ziegler. Coming to a decision like this is difficult, but I applaud her and her family for […]

Reader’s Forum – Week of April 23, 2012

For your convenience, all Reader’s Forum submissions are separated by the ## symbol. In response to Contributor Erin Jepsen – One of the Gang, Christine wrote: I was brought up as an only child, with other problems in that my mum was seriously ill for part of my early childhood and eventually I spent time […]