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Blind Actor Tim Gebbels to Star in TV Series

By Francesca Bardsley © Oxford Mail, England — A blind actor hopes his role in a spoof reality TV show will dispel stereotypes about disabled people. Tim Gebbels, of Kenilworth Avenue, East Oxford, stars in new Channel 4 series Cast Offs, which follows six people with different disabilities who are left on a remote British island. Mr Gebbels has had parts in shows including The Bill, William and Mary and Torchwood, but has never taken a leading TV role before. The 41-year-old plays Tom in Cast Offs, which will be screened for the first time at 11pm tomorrow night. He said: “I think the intention is to show that, okay, you have got six disabled people here, but once they are on this island, they squabble, and get on with each other, and get off with each other just as any other six people would…. READ ARTICLE

Survivor, the Disabled Version Comes to U.K. TV

By Catherine Mayer © TIME, LONDON — To television executives depressed over the dwindling audiences for reality TV shows and looking for ways to reinvigorate the once hugely profitable genre, the following pitch might be compelling. “We’ve got this great show for you. We’re going to take six strangers and strand them somewhere really remote; we’ll film them as they struggle to survive. You say it’s already been done — there’s I’m a Celebrity–Get Me Out of Here! and Survivor and, here in Britain, Castaway. But here’s the twist: our participants will be … disabled! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Cast Offs, a uniquely challenging reality TV show.” As the scale of that unique challenge dawns on the contestants in the hours after they are deposited on a lonely island, one of the castoffs coins a more succinct description of the show. “This is going to be Lord of the Flies on crack,” says Tom. The blind, pathologically lazy 38-year-old is half right…. READ ARTICLE