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Bonded by Bowling: Blind Athletes Knock Them Down

By Patti Mengers © The Delaware County Daily Times, Pennsylvania — At a national bowling tournament in Cleveland, Ohio, last Memorial Day weekend, Ron Stanchak noticed a woman who repeatedly got gutter balls. He decided to offer her some insight. “I said, ‘Listen, stand on the heavy dot in the middle, walk toward the second arrow, throw it over the second arrow and it’ll hook right into the 1-3 pocket.’ It did and she got three strikes in a row,” recalled the 60-year-old Springfield resident. His random act of kindness earned him a hug from the woman and sneers from his teammates. As it happened, she was playing for the opposing team. “If I knew she was gonna do that good, I wouldn’t have taught her how to bowl,” said Stanchak with a laugh. The fact that she was sighted and he is legally blind was of no consequence to him. Stanchak is among a dedicated band of 32 members comprising the Delaware Valley Blind Bowlers League and nothing, not even impaired vision, is going to deter his passion for the sport…. READ ARTICLE