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National Federation of the Blind Endorses Google Books Settlement Before Congress

Washington, DC (September 10, 2009): The National Federation of the Blind, the nation’s oldest and largest organization of blind people and the leading advocate for access by the blind to digital information, testified before the House Judiciary Committee today that the proposed settlement between Google and authors and publishers regarding the Google Books project should be approved. The Google Books settlement will make millions of titles available to the blind and other Americans with print disabilities, providing more access to the printed word than the blind have had in all of human history…. READ PRESS RELEASE

Google May Have to Modify Book Settlement for Judge’s Approval

By Susan Decker and David Glovin © Bloomberg — Google Inc., the Web-search engine scanning millions of books to create a digital library, may have to modify a settlement with publishers and authors after more than 60 groups and individuals filed objections or demanded changes, lawyers said…. READ STORY

National Federation of the Blind and Blind Social Security Beneficiary File Complaint with Social Security Administration

The National Federation of the Blind … and Margot Downey, a blind Social Security beneficiary from Buffalo, New York, filed an administrative complaint today with the Social Security Administration (SSA). The complaint asserts that the SSA’s Web site violates Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act because it is inaccessible to blind people who use text-to-speech screen access technology or Braille displays to access information on the Internet…. READ PRESS RELEASE

Unable to Read or Write, New High School Graduate Details Struggle

Baltimore, Maryland — Denzel Ferges graduated from high school on June 6. But when he was asked to address a gathering of students on July 29, he had to memorize his speech rather than reading it. Denzel does not have enough vision to read print effectively, and he was not taught to read Braille. For all practical purposes, he graduated from high school unable to read…. READ PRESS RELEASE

Students Developing a Car for the Blind

By Daniel Sieberg © CBS News — Visually impaired and blind people are the first to say that overcoming challenges like getting around is just a part of life. But driving a car is another matter entirely, and largely off-limits. That is, until now…. READ STORY

Helping Blind Drivers Take the Wheel

By ALEX RABINOWITZ © The New York Times — Undergraduate students at the Virginia Tech College of Engineering have entered relatively uncharted territory in the automobile world. They have created a vehicle that enables the visually impaired to drive unassisted…. READ STORY

Blind Drivers Test Retrofitted Car

By Ki Mae Heussner © ABC News — On Friday, 20 blind people took turns taking control of a retrofitted four-wheel dune buggy designed by students at the Virginia Tech College of Engineering in Blacksburg, Va. The event was part of a program organized by the National Federation of the Blind to encourage high school students to pursue careers in science and technology…. READ STORY

Blind Students Test Drive Vehicle

By Daniel de Vise © The Washington Post — A voice rose above the chatter in the University of Maryland parking lot: “Blind man driving!”  Twenty blind people took turns piloting a car on this muggy Friday morning , the first public test of technology that might one day overcome barriers to putting the sightless behind the wheel…. READ STORY

Group for blind files complaint

By Liz Bowie © The Baltimore Sun, MD — The National Federation of the Blind filed a complaint with state education officials yesterday alleging that blind children in Baltimore are graduating from public schools as functional illiterates because they are not being offered the proper training and technology at their schools…. READ STORY

State excuses blind school’s failings

By Kirsten Stewart © The Salt Lake Tribune, UT — Incomplete student evaluations, untrained teachers and poor braille translations of textbooks and test booklets are among failings cited in a state probe of Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind. But these problems don’t constitute a violation of state and federal laws guaranteeing visually impaired children a “free, appropriate education,” say the report’s authors…. READ STORY