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Kick back and Relax, Your Days of Doing Laundry May Soon be Over.

At the Korean Institute of Science and Technology, scientists have developed an automated robot that is capable of tossing laundry into the washer and starting the cycle all on its own.

The robot, named Mahru-Z, is shaped like a human and has arms, legs, a rotating head, and fingers. It can also recognize objects in a three dimensional space and will be able to understand which chores need to be done. By using its fingers, Mahru-Z will be able to pick up a shirt, put it in the washer, add the appropriate amount of soap, and push buttons to begin the washing cycle. It is controlled by a central computer that gives it commands as it goes about its defined chores.

Mahru-Z also has a robot friend, Mahru-M, whose mobility is much better and would have the capability to bring things to its owner much easier and quicker. The two can work in conjunction, with Mahru-Z putting laundry in the basket, and Mahru-M bringing the basket where it has been asked to go.

While this technology is in its infant phase and a consumer ready robot is years away from being available, it’s nice to know that maybe someday I can call in my robot butler and ask him if my jeans are clean yet.

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