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Simon Cowell is on his way out

Simon Cowell, the famous talent judge with the often brutally honest opinion, has announced that this will be his final season as a judge on American Idol.  His eyes are set on a new talent show with less restrictions and, more specifically, a lot more money for him.  He intends to bring his popular British talent show, The X Factor, to the states and dig through the American talent pool to find the next rising star.  Cowell will serve as executive producer and talent judge once the show launches in America sometime in 2011, making it a much more lucrative job for the stern talent assessor.

Oddly enough, Fox doesn’t plan on getting rid of American Idol once Simon departs.  As of right now, nothing is officially laid out, but it seems like American Idol and The X Factor might fill up the winter and summer line-ups nicely.  Though, American Idol producers will have to find someone just as bold as Simon if they hope to keep the judging on the show as edgy and talked about as it currently is.

Also up in the air is the new panel of judges for Simon’s new show.  Many have asked if Paula Abdul, who left American Idol last season, would be among them.  Simon gave no definitive answer, but spoke highly of Paula, saying that he missed her and that he intends to work with her again in some capacity.

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Conan O’Brien Says ‘Farewell’ to Tonight Show

It seems that Conan’s time as the host of the Tonight Show on NBC will be short-lived.  The popular late night host has essentially conceded at this point and is in negotiations regarding severance contracts with NBC.  The show that NBC promised him after Jay Leno looked on to retirement is now being taken back.  Sources say that Conan’s contract will net him a buy-out of roughly thirty millions dollars, but Conan’s main concern is that the staff of his show will be taken care of properly. 

While nothing is etched in stone at this point, nearly everyone is expecting that Jay Leno will return as the host of the Tonight Show after his primetime show produced poor ratings and negatively affected NBC affiliates.

The largest question mark in all of this revolves around NBC.  The network’s handling of the situation has left many puzzled and may affect it’s future ratings as a result, regardless of what programming they offer.  NBC also needs to consider the possibility that O’Brien will transfer to another network and compete with them directly, perhaps even during the same time slot as the Tonight Show.

Despite his recent treatment, O’Brien has remained classy, composed, and of course, funny.  Wherever he ends up after all of this, those traits will surely follow. 

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